Chris & Jessica’s Wedding 8-29-08

At Lake Mohawk Country Club, everyone was getting ready for the big day… let’s shoot!

Wait!!! How about my boutonnière..



Jessica’s maid of honor helping others with a bouquet.



Jessica!!! Look behide you!

I think she knew I was right behind her…   Now we know the meaning of BEAUTY!



When I saw you first time …… “UNFORGETTABLE”


Hey guys!!!! Get me a bigger fan to cool me off!!!… oh yes………. this is exactly what I need.



I can not believed this is Jessica’s mom!!

I hope she recovers sooner from her back surgery. What a mom…. withstands the pain and still keep her smile…




Hey Guys!  

Smile will do….I guess not!



Hey girls!!!!  No fighting…….. 

Just kidding…..  ha ha ha.



It’s always the shot before the actual shot….



Wondered who decor this vase ….did Jessica !!!!…. Looks awesome!!!!


Is it over yet???


I am ready……..



The Lake Mohawk Country Club has a beautiful beach… oh, I mean  a lake!

This image is meant to be …… talking about the right place at the right time.



Requested by the member of their bridal party…… I think it’s a cute shot.

Favor of a one couple…

Well you don’t see this on every wedding…

Please tell me the name of the song they were playing….

Unfortunately, I was busy photographing them but I was screaming as loud as her.

I would definitely give a credit to DJ: Anthony Martino from HARMONY DJ’S.

His website is He’d played the right musics at the right time with right people.

Thank you and hope you enjoyed my blog.

Jason Rhee