Kelly and Justin’s Engagement Photos

Welcome to my blog!

The day is finally here for Kelly and Justin and the fun began at The Firehouse EBFD #1 Civic Center Station in East Brunswick, New Jersey!!!

4O1A5256 KJ-4 4O1A5266 4O1A5288 KJ-3 4O1A5311 4O1A5472 4O1A5375 4O1A5288 KJ-1 4O1A53394O1A56044O1A56234O1A5665KJ-54O1A56964O1A57004O1A5709KJ-24O1A57154O1A57404O1A5758

Congratulations to Kelly and Justin!

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Thank you,

Jason Rhee


3 thoughts

  1. Absolutely beautiful!! Can’t wait to see them all and can only imagine how amazing the Wedding photos are going to be! Love to you both…Aunt Di, Albert, Brandon and Savanah!


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