Erica & Luis Miguel’s Wedding

Welcome to my blog!

The day is finally here for Erica and Luis and it all  at St. Francis Church in Hackensack, New Jersey follow by Leonard’s Palazzo in Great Neck, New York!!!

Of course, we also made a quick stop at Lambert Castle in Paterson, New Jersey before we head to the venue.

4O1A1605 EL-4 4O1A1607 EL-3 4O1A0910 EL-104O1A0901EL-9 4O1A1090EL-6 4O1A0728 EL-184O1A0029 4O1A0046 4O1A0073 4O1A0148 4O1A0136 4O1A0242 4O1A0247 4O1A0169 4O1A0187 4O1A0280 4O1A0341EL-19EL-2IMG_0641IMG_06574O1A0523EL-14O1A0571IMG_0733EL-164O1A0748EL-15EL-144O1A0796EL-124O1A0882EL-114O1A09384O1A0996EL-8EL-5EL-74O1A11364O1A11464O1A11594O1A13044O1A13384O1A13534O1A13924O1A18064O1A18254O1A18604O1A19894O1A2255

Congratulations to Erica and Luis!

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Thank you,

Jason Rhee


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