Vanessa & Nicolas’ Wedding

Welcome to my blog!

The day is finally here for Vanessa and Nicholas!

It all began at Church of the Assumption in Roselle Park, New Jersey follow by Nanina’s in the Park in Belleville, New Jersey!!! One of the best venue in New Jersey!!!

JR1_8628 VN-10JR1_8491VN-4JR1_7751 JR1_7764 JR1_7782 JR1_7801 JR1_7860VN-2JR1_7886 JR1_7921 JR1_7986VN-3JR1_8027VN-5JR1_8138VN-8VN-7JR1_8281JR1_8312VN-1IMG_0057IMG_0110JR1_8480JR1_8502JR1_8520JR1_8530JR1_8543JR1_8619VN-9JR1_8653VN-11JR1_8755VN-12JR1_8788JR1_8809JR1_8834JR1_8982JR1_9149IMG_0127JR1_9261

Congratulations to Vanessa and Nicolas!

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Thank you,

Jason Rhee


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