Kelly and Aziz’s Engagement photos

Welcome to my blog!

Talk about being in the place at the time…. at New Jersey Botanical Garden (Skylands Manor) in Ringwood, New Jersey!!!

JR1_8227 KA-9 JR1_7722 JR1_7736JR1_7780 JR1_7809 JR1_7821 JR1_7776KA-8JR1_7853 JR1_7858 JR1_7859 JR1_7901 JR1_7911 JR1_7974 JR1_7977KA-6JR1_7984KA-7JR1_7990KA-4JR1_8008KA-5JR1_8030KA-3JR1_8043 JR1_8049 JR1_8065 JR1_8074 JR1_8105 JR1_8116KA-2JR1_8143 JR1_8157 JR1_8168KA-1JR1_8184 JR1_8204 JR1_8236KA-10JR1_8247JR1_8229

Congratulations to Kelly and Aziz!

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Thank you,

Jason Rhee

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