Lindsey & Darren Engagement Photos

Welcome to my blog!

Talk about being at the right place at the right time…… the fun began at Exchange place in Jersey City, New Jersey!!!

LD E-20 LD E-19 JR1_9103 LD E-17 JR1_9115LD E-18 JR1_9152 LD E-16 JR1_9169 LD E-14 JR1_9215 LD E-15JR1_9242JR1_9244LD E-8JR1_9265LD E-12JR1_9287LD E-9JR1_9319LD E-13JR1_9333LD E-3JR1_9386LD E-7JR1_9405JR1_9433LD E-5JR1_9441LD E-2JR1_9502JR1_9517LD E-1JR1_9457

Congratulations to Lindsey and Darren!

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Thank you,

Jason Rhee

One thought

  1. Such a gorgeous couple! This photoshoots is amazing! Wishing Darren and Lindsey a life together filled with unconditional love, understanding and patience.
    I love you both! Congratulations!


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