Elizabeth & Michael’s Wedding

Welcome to my blog!

The day is finally here for Elizabeth and Michael!

It all began at The Rockleigh Country Club in Rockleigh, New Jersey!!!

JR1_0419 EM-1 JR1_0513EM-24EM-25EM-26JR1_0433EM-22EM-23APSP8244APSP8262JR1_0412JR1_0390JR1_0484EM-2JR1_0528EM-9EM-11EM-12EM-13EM-14EM-15EM-16EM-17JR1_0016JR1_0023EM-19JR1_0028JR1_0077JR1_0133EM-20JR1_0209JR1_0246JR1_0265EM-21EM-8JR1_0545JR1_0554JR1_0564JR1_0573JR1_0669JR1_0692JR1_0719EM-3EM-4JR1_0828JR1_0836_MG_0177JR1_0849EM-5APSP8490JR1_0910EM-6JR1_0942JR1_0957JR1_1076JR1_1088EM-7JR1_1004JR1_1013JR1_1187JR1_1237JR1_1380JR1_1417JR1_1499JR1_2007

Congratulations to Elizabeth and Michael!

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Thank you,

Jason Rhee

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