Jacquelyn & Dennis' Wedding

Welcome to my blog!

The day is finally here for Jacquelyn and Dennis and it all began at Windows on the Water in Sea Bright, New Jersey!!!

JR1_5129 JD-16JR1_5743JD-13JR1_5156JR1_5146JR1_4335JD-25JR1_4104JR1_4122JD-23JR1_4159JR1_4301JR1_4317JD-1JD-2JD-3JD-4JR1_4464JD-5JR1_4457JD-7JD-8JR1_4537JR1_4562JD-9JR1_4591JD-10JR1_4690JD-11JR1_4779JR1_4834JR1_4852JR1_5052JR1_5067JR1_4963JR1_5124IMG_0017JR1_4984JR1_4997JR1_5002JR1_5044JD-17JR1_5242JR1_5263JR1_5437JR1_5515JR1_5522JD-19JD-18JR1_5588JD-20JR1_5677JR1_6344JR1_6017JR1_6066JR1_6172JD-22JR1_5763

Congratulations to Jacquelyn and Dennis!

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Thank you,

Jason Rhee

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