Chelsea and Owen's Wedding

Welcome to my blog!

The day is finally here for Chelsea and Owen and it all began at Rock Island Lake Club in Sparta, New Jersey!!!

JR1_2045CO-13IMG_0164IMG_0186CO-15JR1_2084 JR1_2485 JR1_2488 JR1_2509 JR1_2529CO-16JR1_2548CO-1JR1_1562CO-4JR1_1605JR1_1620CO-2JR1_1647CO-3JR1_1713CO-5JR1_1729JR1_1782JR1_1824JR1_1839JR1_1866JR1_1946JR1_1973CO-7IMG_0012CO-8IMG_0013IMG_0080CO-9JR1_1999CO-10IMG_0195CO-11IMG_0215CO-14IMG_0329IMG_0368JR1_2296JR1_2398IMG_0383JR1_2440JR1_2556JR1_2610JR1_2661JR1_2708JR1_2963JR1_3273

Congratulations to Chelsea and Owen!

Hope  you enjoy the photos.

Thank you,

Jason Rhee

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