Rachel & Michael's Wedding

Welcome to my blog!

The day is finally here for Rachel and Michael and it all began at The Loft at Jack’s barn in Oxford, New Jersey!!!

JR1_0654 RM-17 JR1_0271 JR1_9131 JR1_9144 JR1_9162 RM-1JR1_9212 JR1_9275 JR1_9315 JR1_9322 JR1_9348 JR1_9668 JR1_9676 RM-7RM-2 RM-3 RM-5 RM-6 RM-8 RM-9 RM-10 RM-11JR1_9887 JR1_9893 JR1_9896 JR1_9930JR1_0037JR1_0048JR1_0080JR1_0087JR1_0093JR1_0141RM-15JR1_0152RM-16JR1_0275JR1_0313RM-19RM-18JR1_0420RM-20JR1_0471JR1_0505RM-21RM-22RM-23RM-24

Congratulations to Rachel and Michael!

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Thank you,

Jason Rhee

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