Celine & Victor's Wedding

Welcome to my blog!

The day is finally here for Celine and Victor and it all began at Perona Farms in Andover, New Jersey!!!

jr1_1420 cv-14 jr1_1146cv-13 img_0100cv-3 img_0025 cv-2jr1_0798 cv-5 jr1_0807 cv-4jr1_0824 cv-6jr1_0872 jr1_0877 cv-7jr1_0922 cv-8jr1_0990 jr1_1065 cv-9jr1_1078 cv-10jr1_1102cv-15jr1_1113 jr1_1131 img_0123jr1_1187 img_0140jr1_1281 cv-16jr1_1312 jr1_1335img_0174 cv-17img_0188 img_0196 jr1_1416 jr1_1425 cv-18jr1_1525 jr1_1746 jr1_1792 cv-19jr1_1793 cv-20jr1_1937

Congratulations to Celine and Victor!

Hope you enjoy the photos

Thank you,

Jason Rhee

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