Lisa & Jake's Engagement Photos

Welcome to my blog!

Talk about being in the right place at the right time, the perfect place was in Washington Crossing State Park in Pennington Road, Titusville, New Jersey!

jr1_6285lj-2jr1_5930 lj-3jr1_5774 jr1_5798 lj-4jr1_5804 jr1_5821 jr1_5830 jr1_5833 jr1_5846 jr1_5855 jr1_5865 jr1_5901 jr1_5910 jr1_5922 jr1_5940 jr1_5955 jr1_5963 jr1_6035 lj-5jr1_6045 jr1_6087 jr1_6103 jr1_6121 jr1_6133 jr1_6144 lj-6jr1_6168 jr1_6177 jr1_6193 jr1_6204 lj-7jr1_6210 jr1_6226 jr1_6227 jr1_6259 jr1_6270 jr1_6277 jr1_6327 jr1_6336 lj-8jr1_6402

Congratulations to Lisa and Jake!

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Thank you,

Jason Rhee

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