Jason Rhee Photography, LLC.

Thank you so much for your inquiry and congratulations!

Here are Top 10 FAQ


1: What are your rates and do you provide packages?

-My wedding packages are ranging from $2000-$3000 and I would glad to send you the full pricing sheets.


2: Can I customized the package to fit my needs and budget?

-Yes, you certainly can and further discussion with Jason Rhee would be advisable. I, Jason Rhee do my best to fit your needs and your budget. Your interest in my photography is already much appreciated.


3: Who will be my photographer if I book the date with your company?

-I, Jason Rhee will be your photographer.


4: Do I really need a second shooter?

-In most cases, a second shooter is not required.  Only the main photographer, Jason Rhee will coordinate and manage the photo shoot either there is a second shooter or not. A second shooter might be suggested if you are expecting the guests of 250-400.


5: Can I add a second shooter at time of booking Jason Rhee?

-Absolutely you can add a second shooter if you like. Well qualified with extensive experience in wedding photography would cost $500-$800.


6: Can you provide COI (Certificate of Insurance) for my venue?

-Yes, I can provide you COI with a limited liability coverage up to 1 million dollars through State Farm Insurance.


7. Do I need to discuss the timeline and any details of my wedding prior to the wedding date?

-Yes, it is very important to discuss the timeline and any details of your wedding with Jason Rhee prior to your wedding date and it can be done easily by phone call.


8. When do you post teasers on your blog?

-I should have your teasers posted on my blog in 2 weeks or so.


9. Do you photo shoot all in RAW or Jpeg?

-I only shoot in RAW and every photos will be edited and optimized and you will only have the best ones in High Resolution JPEG with average of 1000 images.


10. How do we book you and what type of payment do you take?

-You can sign the contract by meeting in person or via email. Minimum of 50% is required to book the date with Jason Rhee or $500 installment payment can be arranged. We accept Bank Check, Personal Check or Cash. PayPal is accepted with 5% processing fee.


Please feel free to contact me direct if there are other questions I missed or have concerns.

Look forward to hear from you soon!

Thank you,
Jason Rhee Photographer